Today I came across a news item related to the price hike in the JNU mess charges. I do not know when they were revised before this, but the prices itself are at extreme low side, even after the increase.  Some of the examples given in the news item are -

Establishment charges per semester - Rs. 1100/- I assume 1 semester is 6 months.
Annual crockery/utensils charges - Rs. 200/-
Annual Newspaper charges - Rs. 50/-
Late payment charge per day - Rs. 20/-

Anyone aware of the recent years inflation know that cost of many items just doubled in 4-5 years. How could the mess administration was managing the cost of operations, only they know. The government must have provided subsidy for the same, which in directly adds burden on tax payers.

There may be many students who are not able to pay even these minimal charges, but to them university should provide scholarships. For other who have the money to pay for these expenses must pay for this.

But the college student unions have already started agitating against this price hike. This is bad. They must understand it that this will benefit only them, not anyone else.

You can read the news here -
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