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क्या कोई ऐसा भी है - जिसको बुखार हो, बदन दर्द हो और खांसी भी हो और उसकी कोरोना रिपोर्ट नेगेटिव आई हो? क्या इस साल हमारा कॉमन फ्लू/वायरल किसी को हुआ ही नहीं? सबको कोरोना ही हो रहा है??? दया कुछ तो गड़बड़ है!

Have a cup of curd daily and when going out , as our ancestors kept telling us. The science has the proof now -

लॉकडाउन जैसे प्रतिबंध लगा के उसे लॉकडाउन ना कहने से, क्या वो लॉकडाउन नहीं रहता? #maharashtraLockdown #covid19

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Actually when I went to Nokia authorized service center in Noida, Sector 10, they told me that the camera glass will cost me around Rs. 1500 and I have to wait for at least 15 days to get it. And in the meantime they wanted to kept my phone also for the duration. What the hell??

Is Nokia going to to shut their mobile phone business??? I have bought Nokia 7.2 almost a year back and still waiting for the Android 11 update. All new phone from Samsung, Oppo, Vivo etc are coming with Android 11 pre-installed. This upgrade was the reason I bought Android One branded Nokia 7.2.

Today I went to get my Nokia 7.2 phone camera glass cover replaced. And guess what they told me that it will cost Rs. 950. I said what??? a 1 inch glass just to cover the camera lenses, and the cost is Rs.950. I came back without thinking twice. I can live without pictures from my camera, for now.

The corona has changed the way people meet and greet. Now no hugs, no handshake only use body actions. And if any one seen without mask - it is illegal.

Migrant workers movement to their home cities has wasted all our efforts to contain the virus. Now it is in every corner of India. Earlier it was only in large cities.

The so called BoisLockerRoom incident today described as fake by Delhi police. Now no feminist, no liberals are commenting and discussion about it. One of the boy committed suicide. What about him?? A life lost just because of feminist's auto acceptance of all charges against boys/men. Shame!!!

After waiting for more than 1 month for school books for my son, finally i got them today. The government has allowed to open the liquor shops but not the book shops. Today when I contacted my book seller, he said that I can visit his home to get the books. And still few books are missing.

जब शराब के ठेके खोलने ही थे तो हम लोगों को क्यों ६ हफ़्तों से घर पर बैठा रखा है सरकार ने. सारी मेहनत और त्याग पर सरकार को पानी खुद ही फेरना था तो आम आदमी का नुक्सान क्यों करवाया गया????

Today the internet service by Airtel and Excitel was very bad. I wasted more than 2 hours to download a file of 600MB from a client's server. But the good thing about an Airtel connection is their quick and reliable support. Once complained about it they fixed it remotely within an hour. Great!