Today Delhi CM Kejriwal announced that they are speeding up the trials of plazma therapy with more corona patients. It is a good step. If this works as expected tn treatment of COVID19 then it will greatly help us.

Tablighi jamaat people were causing lot of havoc and still are doing it. Then their supporters does not said a single word. But now when Tablighi Jamaat members have started donating plasma for treatment of others, these people are posting lot of praise about them. This is the not right.

Have a cup of curd daily and when going out , as our ancestors kept telling us. The science has the proof now -

Why have they made everything so difficult in Magento application framework. To make a small change also, we had to keep track of multiple files and then manage cache, generated content and what not. I think we need to develop a better and easier system for developers.

During the lockdown the computer peripherals and service is not included in essential items. This is causing lot of problems. One of my colleague's laptop keyboard is not working. And it is most important to continue working from home. Now she can not get it repaired and cannot get a new keyboard.

Just came to know that my favorite bollywood star actor Irrfan Khan died in Mumbai. This was a shocking news to me. I am deeply saddened by his demise and have tears in my eyes. I have always waited for his movies to release and now no more of it. May his soul rest in peace. Om Shanti.

What is going on in this world... today another bad news of sudden demise of veteran actor Rishi Kapoor. Two great actors in two days. The heavens are not looking happy. First this pandemic, we are confined to our homes and now this back to back sad news. What is next??

Looks like some great free minds have found a way to hack even the simple game of 8 ball pool. Yesterday while playing the game a person switched moves to his side while I was waiting for mine. Seriously!

Today the internet service by Airtel and Excitel was very bad. I wasted more than 2 hours to download a file of 600MB from a client's server. But the good thing about an Airtel connection is their quick and reliable support. Once complained about it they fixed it remotely within an hour. Great!

जब शराब के ठेके खोलने ही थे तो हम लोगों को क्यों ६ हफ़्तों से घर पर बैठा रखा है सरकार ने. सारी मेहनत और त्याग पर सरकार को पानी खुद ही फेरना था तो आम आदमी का नुक्सान क्यों करवाया गया????

After waiting for more than 1 month for school books for my son, finally i got them today. The government has allowed to open the liquor shops but not the book shops. Today when I contacted my book seller, he said that I can visit his home to get the books. And still few books are missing.

The so called BoisLockerRoom incident today described as fake by Delhi police. Now no feminist, no liberals are commenting and discussion about it. One of the boy committed suicide. What about him?? A life lost just because of feminist's auto acceptance of all charges against boys/men. Shame!!!