Today I am going to talk about the unemployment problem. This is a serious concern for our youths, as well as future generations.

1. Population

As you may be aware that the main cause of it is population. That means we have more people seeking employment than the available jobs. India is a growing economy, there are lots of development projects going on everywhere, more so after Modi governement came to power, all of them employ millions of people combined. That is a great achievement, but we have much more unemployed people. While generating employment for millions is a tough task, and we should appreciate the government for this. We should also keep in mind that the budget is limited as well as the requirement for the projects on which we can start the work.

Also these projects are temporary, a road building project will go on for say 3-4 years. After that the people working there will again be unemployed. This is managed by the government by starting new projects in every budget. You may be aware of the various new projects declared and started in every financial year when budget is announced. These are again help in providing employment to people.

2. Increased Access to Technical Education

For the highly skilled people also the problem to get a job is becoming difficult every passing year. As I mentioned above there are thousands of jobs created every year, but then again there are lacs of people getting graduated every year from different engineering colleges. With the advent of private engineering/technical colleges, the number of students completing technical education each year has increased manyfolds. There are hundreds of colleges mushroomed in the various states, which produce thousands of engineers every year. Although the quality of education is not good enough in most of them. But eventually the pass out becomes an unemployed educated/skilled person.

3. Double Income Families

Another factor to this is the multiple people of same family getting jobs. This is a social issue, we can not stop anyone from getting a job if they are eligible for it. But looking from another perspective I think this is also reducing the opportunities for others. There are many families where no one is working in a good job. Here good means a job with sufficient earnings to run his/her family. If there is a person who is eligible for a job, and the job was taken away by a person, who has others in his/her family already working in a good enough job. Then this is creating economic imbalance in the society. The rich are getting richer and poor are still waiting for a good job to survive. Think about it, from a family where no one is having a job, if even one persons gets it then all the family can survive and live a average life.

Nowadays we have multiple people working in a family, specially in metro cities. You may have seen many people, where husband and wife both work. And even though income of even one of them can support their expenses comfortably, the other person is just working for his/her satisfaction, or just to earn more. Think about it if the same job was available for a person in a needy family then it would be of great help for their survival and help them benefit from the economic growth of the country.

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