The Problem

Now a days almost all homes in metro cities or even small cities have this small machine call Water purifier. Most of them use RO technology to filter the impurities from water. In this process a lot of water is wasted and drained via a small pipe connected to RO machine.

I was also usig it like this since long. I was always thinking of ways to save the water that goes wasted in the drain without any good use. My ideas includes - adding a pipe connecting to bathroom so that waste water automatically get stored in a bucket which can be used OR store the water in a tank outside kitchen, which we can use in washing cloths. There may be many more ideas. But all of them involved lot of work and adjustments which made them hard to implement and even expensive.

The Solution

Then one day I found this water bottle that we get from water suppliers in my store, which was lying useless since long. Suddenly it came to my mind that it will be a useful substitute to my idea for saving the waste water from the RO water purifier. I can just put it near the Water purifier and the drain pipe can be easily put in the neck of this bottle. As the neck of bottle is not very wide, it can easily hold the water pipe without any additional support changes. 

If you do not have the bottle at your home, you can easily buy it from any water supplier for Rs.150, which they take as security of the bottle.

When filled with waste water, emptying the bottle takes only few seonds. So by doing extra efforts of a minute or two you can save precious water from going in drain. Also in my case as the daily waste water is not more than the capacity of bottle so, everyday I have to empty the bottle only once per day, when it is almost full. You may need to do this one more time if you have a big family or guests. 

You can use this water to wash cloths, put it in plants/garden, or use it for cleaning/washing floor. You can use it for any other purpose that you see fit Excluding consumption in food, bathing and drinking.

The Benefits

We are a small family of three people, and everyday I save more than 20 litre of water. If you have bigger family then the savings will be multiplied. 

20 litre water saved per day amounts to 365*20 = 7300 litre water every year. This is from one small family. You can assume the savings, if it is done on large scale and big families. 

Along with water this also indirectly saves electricity, although in small amount. We use motor pump to fill the overhead tank at terrace. It takes around 1 hour to fill a 700 litre tank by 1KVH motor. So for 700 litres of water the electricity expense is Rs. 6.8.

If you calculate the electricity saved by using the waste water RO water, then in one year you will be able to save - 7300/700 = 10.42 * 6.8 = Rs. 71 approx. It may not look a big amount, but you saving at least something.

So with this setup you are saving lots of water and money too.