I am living in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad since 10 years. At that time it was a quiet place with open roads and markets. But since then, the uncontrolled development of residential and commercial areas has made it one of the worst places to live.

There are people everywhere, roads have no space to drive or even walk. Sewers overflow during summers. There are markets everywhere, you can not differentiate between residential and commercial areas.

Based on my experience in last 10 year, I can say that after 10-15 years from now it will be a place where no one will want to live. I have seen that so called development in front of me, and I am writing this so that, if anyone reads this after 10-15 years then they can relate to it.

The administration is not doing anything to contain the population burst, instead they are encouraging its growth, not caring about the quality of life and infrastructure, it will need. Here are few observations from me:

  1. The single house plots where converted to flat system and three floors allowed.
  2. After that they allowed building multiple flats on a floor, on not so big plots ( bigger than 150- 200Sq mtr.) This allowed builders to create 12 flats in one plot.
  3. To add to that they again increased the limit to 4 floors excluding 1 ground floor parking. Hence increasing the limit to 16 flats per plot.
  4. Random allotment of commercial area. You can see a under construction complex or developed complex on each crossing, even inside residential areas.
  5. Allowing high rise apartments without open spaces. You can see one built next to Shipra Mall. And another in progress in front of Indirapuram Habitat Center. There is already no space on road and they have invited thousands of families to live there.

Almost every road crossing here face traffic jams as there are too many cars, no red lights and no traffic police. Are you thinking - why should we need traffic police on roads inside residential area? because there are too much traffic, and everyone is in hurry.

I have recently changed my office to H Block, Sector 63 Noida, thinking that it will hardly take 15-20 minutes as distance is just 4 Kms from my home location.  But everyday I am spending more than 30 minutes in morning and more than 50 minutes in evening. All because of the over crowded roads.

If you have recently visited Indirapuram, you can see almost all major roads excavated to lay sewer lines. I came here thinking that this is a planned city. Why this is needed, because the administration allowed more people to live, than it can handle.The day will come where they will have to increase the width of roads also to accommodate the cars.

At present the roads and sewer lines are same as planned, but the load is 16 times more than the planned load. How could anyone expect to have clean and quiet city to live. Where we can enjoy life and a day off from office.

The planned city is going to be next Delhi 6 type colony.

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