This is continuance with my post on getting learners license. You can read it to learn about my experience during the process of getting new learners license.

In this post I will describe the process to get it converted to the permanent license. It is not as complicated as the applying for learning license, as all documents already uploaded and you already have learning license.

So first step was to apply for permanent driving license on the Sarathi website. Here you need to provide details of your learning license and upload few other documents, which we already uploaded in the Learning license application.

Then pay the fee for the driving test, and select a test slot. Here remember that there is long waiting for this, so you will get a time slot of after 1-2 months. So I would suggest to apply well in advance of expiry of your learners license. As per rule, you can apply for permanent license after 1 month of issue date of learners license.

Now for the driving test reach the RTO along with your documents and vehicle. You have to go through the form verification and biometric process.

They asked me to upload the documents again, which I had already done when submitting the application. The old one was not visible to them. For this you can go out and find lots of computer shops, who are expert in doing it for a fee. I paid Rs.100 for this.

Also you will need one long envelop with Stamp affixed for registered post. Write you full mailing address as given in the application form on the envelope. It will be used to send your license to you, once issued. I would suggest you get it in advance from your nearest post office. You can get it at RTO also, but they will charge Rs.40 per envelop, whereas the cost of stamp is just Rs.18.

Back to the process - So, submit the documents and after verification they will send you to the biometric counter to get your photo clicked and record your digital signature. These will be printed on your license.

Now go to the office complex and wait for your turn for the driving test. Most probably they will ask you to wait outside in the ground and the examiner will meet you there. Depending on the rush you may have to wait 1 - 2 hours for this. The driving test is very simple at Ghaziabad RTO. The examiner will come out and ask you to bring your vehicle inside the complex.

Remember your test has "Started" so follow all rules and drive carefully. I was not aware of this and forgot to wear the seat belt, and failed the test. I usually do this everytime I drive, but I was not aware that this is the actual test for which i was waiting since 1.5 months.

So follow all rules and drive your car inside the complex, call the examiner to you. He will ask some general questions about driving rules and traffic signs. Then if everything is fine, you are good to go.

As mentioned above I forgot to wear seat belt and failed. I had to reappear for test. As per rule you can appear for retest only after 7 days of the last test. So I had to visit the RTO again. To pay the retest fee visit the Sarathi website. For retest fee payment there is a separate section on the website, which is not same as the fee payment for first test.

You can go for retest on any day after seven days. This is again a surprise for me. On the test date when I went there, they asked me to wait for some time. I thought the person is busy. Then after 20-30 minutes, they sent me to the supervisor/JE room along with the documents. There the person asked me to submit the documents and just said "Ok, go home.". I was surprised, no retest? but I was happy also, as it will save me time and further chance to fail the test, for whatsoever reason.

I got my license after 10-15 days by post.

When preparing and going through the process I could not find any information about the process and details related to this, so I thought I will write it here. It may help someone like me, so you know.

Always follow traffic rules and drive responsibly.