I just came to know today that some 11 year old kid has asked Maharashtra High Court to ban PUBG mobile game in India, because it is very addictive and affecting the mental health of children. It was also mentioned that his parent are supporting him in this. 

I am not able to understand - are they actually concerned about others or just want to get extra attention using the popularity of the game. As a parent it is their responsibility to stop their kids to play this game.

In this case I think there are following points which I am not able to understand:

  1. The game is rated for people of age 16+ years. Why the parents allowed to play their kid such game? If they are so much concerned about other kids then why not their own.
  2. And if their kids are not able to handle the mental stress or addiction of game then, it does not mean other will not be able to do so.
  3. This is like if the kid does not like to eat some specific food item, then he wants everyone to stop eating that.

In India we expect everything by the government and rule of law. Why can not we educate ourselves to use the technology wisely? A smartphone is not meant for kids of less than 12 years, but no once cares. They just want to keep their kids busy so they give them a "toy" named smartphone.

Whenever we buy games or any other software do we care to check for the rating of the game? Every game has specific rating like we have for the movies. We need to check the rating and in addition also learn about the game and its content or gameplay.

If this looks okay then only allow them to play.