If you are following my posts then you may know that I live in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. My son is going to school, since 2010 here. In this time I observed that the schools here, do not follow a set timings for winter season. Earlier we were in Gurgaon, there in Salwan Public School, the school timings were different in winters.

When I as a kid was in school then also, the winter timings were different from summer timings. The difference was of just 30 minutes. But that gave required extra time to get ready and prepare for school in chilly winters.

Now earlier there were no special timing for winter in Ghazianad but now since last 2-3 years, every year they change school time based on orders from the DM or DIOS. And this change is of at least 1 hour. This makes it largely conflicting with office timings, and hence there is lot of traffic on the roads, and I get late everyday for office.

Also as the time change is based on orders from the authorities, it is very uncertain. I do not know till when we have to follow this timing and when it will be back to normal timings.

So I would request the authorities to set a fixed start and end date for winter timings of schools. Also please set the start time of not later than 8:30AM. It will help de-congest the roads and also avoid conflict with the office timings.

In summers the time is of 7:50AM, that is fine as we have are habitual to it since long.

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