Recently I bought an electric scooter from Okinawa. The model is Praise, which runs on Lead Acid battery. I wanted to use a two wheeler for my office commute, but car was not an option. Not because I can not afford it, but because of huge traffic jams and parking issues.

Like other people living in NCR I am also affected by the air pollution levels, so I did not wanted to add to it. So I thought of buying an electric vehicle. Then started my Google Search about available electric scooters. There were many new launches in recent months due to the Government of India, push towards electric vehicles. But most of them are not available at present either they are planning to launch soon, or in process of it.

So after 1-2 days I came to know about two brands from which I can go and buy an scooter in the showroom, whenever I want. They were Hero Electric and Okinawa.

Hero electric as many of you may be aware does not have any performance models. They just build scootys with 25-40 speed and 70-80 km range. The cost is around Rs.50-60 thousands. They are in the business since long, but as they also sell petrol and diesel scooters & motorcycles. I think they do not want to cut in to that business.Therefore their scooters does not have long range or performance like petrol scooters.

Then comes Okinawa. The branch is not promoting itself too much, I came to know about it after searching in Google and YouTube. There are reviews of people using the scooter since 1.5 - 2 years. And many other reviews about it. The scooter features are also good. The Praise scooter gives 130-150KM range, top speed of 65Km/hour, and also good in style and features. The cost in Ghaziabad onroad is Rs.77000+.

I am using it since 24 June, only 2 days passed. I will keep adding more reviews about it, and also if any issues come up in it.

Please post comments if you want to know more about this scooter or need any help.

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