After 3 days of use of the Okinawa Praise, the battery level was showing 2-3 points remaining. Sometimes it also went down to 1 point. The meter was showing 75 Kms, so I assume that the battery was not fully charged from showroom. So I thought to charge the scooter for the first time. Till now it was running on the charge as received from the showroom.

The first issue I faced was of short cable length of the charger. I have to park my scooter in front of my house and that is open area I can not get a power board fitted there, as it will be damaged in rain. So I needed to extend the cable to at least 4-5 meter so that I can put the charger in covered area.

When I contacted the dealer to get an extension, they mentioned that no extension is available. The connecting port used by the charger to scooter is also custom port for which I can not get extension from market. The dealer mentioned that if I change the cable or get it extended from market then the warranty of the charger will be void.

I also contacted Okinawa on Twitter, but no help. The cost of new charger for Praise scooter is Rs. 3000/-. So eventually I had to do it myself, taking the risk of warranty. I do not had any other option.

So finally I got the cable extended myself. I bought a cable from the market, and added to the wire connecting the charger to scooter. And then at last my scooter first charge began at around 10:30PM. I was told that it will take around 8-10 hours to charge full. So night time is the best time to charge the scooter.

It started from the first indicator, and in the morning when I went to disconnect the charger at around 6:30AM the last indicator was still blinking. So it was not full charged yet. But I had to disconnect it.

So I left the remaining battery to charge for the next time. This is the display after charging.