I am living at Shakti Khand 3 Indirapuram. I was using the internet connection from Airtel, as it was the only reliable service provider for me since last 14 years. But one disadvantage of using Airtel, is the speed and data limit provided by them is costly.

In last few years there are many new players, providing much more speed and unlimited data in cheaper plans. But I have not heard anything good about them, so I was hesitent to try them.

I am very particular about it - that even if the speed comes slow, or data is less, the connection should always be working. When openning my TV or smartphone, it may run on slow data but it should not show me message that WIFI has no internet. With Airtel broadband this is the biggest advantage. They may provide low data limit, or low speed, but the service is up almost all the time. Even if there is any problem they fix it in 1-2 hours in daytime. 

But as the data consumption increased, I need more data and speed as now I watch TV on internet only, using Amazon Fire TV Stick. Now when I started looking for options, there are many service providers lile - Hathway, Nextra, Comway, Excitel among others. I read reviewes on internet but none of them had good reviews/feedback. 

Then I thought to give Excitel a try as their plans were cheaper and the risk of loosing money was less. I opted their cheapest plan providing 50Mbps symmetric, unlimited internet for 3 months, and it cost me Rs. 1860 including taxes. And I am paying Rs.1178 per month to Airtel for 24 Mbps Download, 6 Mbps upload speed and 263GB data, it looks just 1.5 month of cost and 3 months of unlimited internet.

The process with Excitel broadband for getting a connection was smooth. The executive came and took pictures of all documents, uploaded to their app. I paid him the money and application is submiited in minutes. The backend support verified the docments almost instantly. And when it is done, in 5 minutes I got a call from their customer support for on call verification. And everything is done. 

The next day one person came to setup the connection. It is 8 days now, and it is working good. It was much above my expectations. The download speed is not constant but it ranges between 15Mbps to 45MBps, which is more than enough for my usage. The Upload speed is between 40-50Mbps all the time. In last 8 days I never found it dead or not working. We are browsing internet, watching TV programs and downloading uploading Videos to YouTube, Facebook, without worrying for data usage.

They provide a mobile application also to manage the account and check data usage. In there I calculated roughly we have used 100GB data in 8 days. And it is unllimited, as they say, let me see if they contact me for any data over-usage. But as of now it is working great. 

Currently I am retaining my Airtel connection also, as I told you that I hate to see no internet in my TV or mobile. If this Excitel broadband works fine for a month or two then Airtel connection will be disconnected and I will upgrade the plan to 100Mbps unlimited. 

I will keep posting about any updates or issues I may face in my usage of Excitel Broadband.