It is more than 6 weeks that I am riding Okinawa Praise electric scooter. Till now I drove it for more than 550Kms. I am charging it every 10 days, as I complete around 100Km drive in 10 days only. So it got charged for 5 times till now. For charging I put it on charger for whole night. That starts at 10PM and I find it fully charged in the morning around 7 AM. 

After 100 Kms the pickup reduced a lot around 50%, and the top speed also reduced. They say the range is more than 150Kms but I assume that due to driving in heavy traffic (start - stop) and for long duration (10 days) the battery drains wihout giving desired mileage. I did not got a chance to ride for long distance in single day to check exact mileage.

During rains I have also driven it in flooded roads with upto 1.5 feet deep water that also for up to 100-150 meters, and it managed to do that.

Talking about problems - it gave me issues 2 times, during the rains when the side stand sensor stopped working. So even when the stand was not open, the scooter refused to move. After few minutes of worrying about what happened to the machine, I finally figured out and fixed it by pulling back the stand with force, this fixed the issue. I understand this may have caused because of water covering the sensor.

The dealer/service center is having some issues, as they do not have the technician to handle the service. So the first service is still due. I will try to put another post to talk about service.

I got it washed after getting the new number plate and clicked this picture -