We are listening to Aadhar data breach since last few days. but no one is providing details about how much data is breached and what kind of information is available in the public domain.

If it is just name address, phone number then it is not only aadhaar issue. During elections all  party workers of all party print a list and distribute it to your doorsteps. Is not that also a breach in our personal data?

When getting a phone connection, credit card, bank account we provide all our details to the agent of respective company and they can/do share it with unlimited number of people. Is not that also a serious security breach?

Then why are they only targeting the Aadhar system. Just because it is being linked to all their services, accounts and all black money hoarders and fake account holders will be caught and arrested.

This is similar thing like - when tax officials start raiding the jewelers then they close shop and start protesting that they are being harassed.