I wanted to write this few days back, but today I finally got the time for this. The huge pandemic caused by Corona Virus is making great impact on economy and our life. It is a super infectious disease and it spreads human to human in no time. And as there is no specific medicines for this it is becoming very difficult for governments worldwide to prevent the spread and treat the patients. 

As of now there are more than 600 thousand patients in the world and more than 27000 people died due to this. In India we have around 900 patients and around 18 deaths till date. 

We as a family staying indoors since last three weeks. Except going to office I have visited only dentist to have a procedure for my wife. But since 22 March the state government have imposed lockdown in different cities of Uttar Pradesh.

And as the cases were on rose even after multiple warnings to people to stay indoors. On 24 May government has announced complete lockdown in whole country for 21 days.

All non essential services are closed. Wherever possible we are working from home. For others it is a forced leave. God knows what will happen or will we be able to prevent the spread of virus. But the situation is not very good.

I have closed my office since 20 March and all 6 people in my office are working from.home and it is very uncertain when it will end. The streets are empty. People are staying indoors roads are deserted.

I will keep posting about it more in coming days.

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