Today is day 5 of the lock down in India. Whole country is standstill, waiting for the calamity to get over. The number of cases in India have increased to 979 with around 25 deaths. This is spreading fast. We have a better situation than rest of the world, but it is an alarming situation. Globally there are now more than 678000+ patients and 32000 deaths.

I went out of home second time during this 5 day to bring milk from nearby shop. Vegetables vendors are coming to streets all day and my wife buys them as needed, but not more than once in a day. 

To get some fresh air, we have started spending evening time on our terrace. The weather is nice at present as winter is going and summer is coming. Almost everyone in neighborhood is doing this. This way we can be out in open and without any danger of getting the disease. 

One big side effect of this lockdown is that the pollution levels have gone down sharply. We can feel the fresh air and take deep breath without worrying about inhaling smoke and dust. It is a welcome change and I hope people will learn something from this and take care of their environment after the pandemic is over and life is back to normal.

Some of my medicines finished today. So I need to go to Patanjali store or some medical store to get them. I called Patanjali store today and they told me that the store opens in morning only for 2 hours. I will try again tomorrow.

To pass time at home we are watching more movies than ever. In last 3 days we have watched "Pagalpanti", "Dhund", "Annabelle" and "Annabelle: Creation". This is evening only, so maybe we will be done with one more movie after dinner. 

Tomorrow will be Monday, we will be working from home for weekdays, and I had to co-ordinated with 6 people on different projects. Therefore I may not get time to write this blog update.

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