This is 2nd April 2020, and we are contained in our homes since last 14 days. The India lockdown started on 25 March, but we are working from home since 20 March 2020. Everything was fine until 2 days back, but since last 2 days it started having psychological effects on me. I am feeling irritated, frustrated and it is becoming difficult to concentrate on work. And still we have 13 days remaining of lock down. God knows how we will be able to live with it.

Another serious issue that is causing this frustration is the finding of 2700+ people in "Tabligi Zamaat" markaz in Nizamuddin area of Delhi. Almost all of them found infected with Corona Virus. And I am feeling anguished that while whole of India is under lock down (we are not even going out of our home) these few people are wasting the collaborative effort of whole India.   

In last 2 days the corona patient count in India has increased to 2000 and death count increased to 50 just because of the foolish action of these people. In this count at least 600 patient and 20 deaths are from this group of people. The Maulana who organized this markaz, is on run and police is searching for him. But the damage is done. And that is not all I have heard the new that most of the people taken to quarantine facilities are not cooperating with authorities and trying to avoid quarantine. Looks like they actually want to spread this virus and kill more and more Indians. This is very sad, and it is also having psychological impact on us. 

While we were hoping that if everything went well then we will be able to resume our normal life after this lock down is over. But this event made me feel that this lockdown may stretch further to contain the spread of Corona Virus. 

During this work from home period I went to market only once on Monday 30 March. To bring some ayurvedic medicines from Patanjali Store, and medical store. Other than that once in two days I go to nearest dairy to bring milk, it is just 50 meters away from my home. 

From 1st April the classes of my son are also started for 10th standard. The school is conducting online classes using Zoom application. They are taking 5 classes of 40 minutes each where students participate using Video chat. For my office work we use Hangout chat and Google Meet application to have video conferencing. Other work is done over phone calls. 

On another front to provide entertainment to huge population of India, and help them stay indoors the government broadcaster Doordarshan has started broadcasting classic old TV Serials. Some of these are "Ramayana", "Mahabharat", "Shaktimaan" and "Vyomkesh Bakshi". The video streaming services have started downgrading the streaming video content to save the bandwidth of the ISPs and their servers, as the usage has skyrocketed during this Home quarantine period.

The banks are offering 3 month EMI moratorium for consumer loans to allow people to save money when income is almost nil or reduced to half. The government is helping poor people by transferring money to their Jan Dhan bank accounts. This will continue for next 3 months. 

This is all for today. I will write again when I find time next. Not sure about my mental condition but I will try to keep it motivated, energized and hopeful. I just hope it ends soon. 

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