Today is Monday 6 April 2020, the 13th day of India lockdown. During the last 4-5 days, the Corona virus cases in India has skyrocketed to more than 4000, with more than 100 deaths. Most of these cases are from Tabligi Jamaat members. They have created havoc in India by distributing the virus to deep interior areas of the country. And still they are not trying to listen. Yesterday I read a news that 8 of them were arrested by police while trying to escape to Malaysia, via a relief flight of Government. 

Other than that everything else looks in control. Our prime minister Mr Modi, has asked everyone in Indian to light Diya and Candle for 9 minutes at 9PM on 5 April, and switch off the lights inside the home. And it was like another Diwali for everyone here. The whole country followed it passionately and it was like some psychological booster for everyone. To show unity and strength of all countrymen in one combined effort.  Here is a picture of our street:


And as our vehicles are parked at a fixed place since last 2 weeks. Today I took my car out for a short drive to keep it moving and charge the batteries. It took me 15 minutes, 5 minutes of it was just static position with engine running. It was a small ride in the street itself. Everyone should take care of their vehicles to keep them moving, prevent tyres from damage and charge the batteries at least every week. Due to lock down it was not possible to do it every week, so I decided to do it in 2 weeks. 

There is no other important development in this duration since my last update. 

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