So I am here again, and it was supposed to be the last day of countrywide lockdown going on in India. But today our prime minister Mr Narendra Modi, again addressed the nation on TV and announced extension of lockdown for 19 more days. So the next scheduled date of opening of the lockdown is now 4th May. And as a Star Wars fan I hope that May the 4th be with us, and we will be able to go out and live normal life. 

Since the last update not much changed. We are staying at home passing time with family and watching our favorite and long pending movies & TV shows. I am a huge fan of Marvel movies and Star Wars, and during this lockdown the best thing happened to me was the launch of Disney+ streaming service in India on 2nd April 2020. They have acquired the already existing Hotstar service of Star TV network. And as they own all Marvel and Star Wars content copyrights. I wasted no time to buy the annual subscription in Rs. 1499. So this is the best time pass for me and my son.

Until now we have watched Star Wars from beginning again and the new Disney+ series "Mandalorian" featuring "Baby Yoda". He looks really cute and we love the series. Just 2 more episodes remaining. Apart from that we have finished watching - "Black Panther" and "Captain Marvel". Our watchlist is huge to entertain us for this long lockdown period.

As I mentioned in previous posts also, the Internet is not working great. It is overloaded with the heavy bandwidth requirements of different streaming services. As everyone is watching on mobile and TV also on internet. Yesterday it took me more than 3 hours to download the FPS game PUBG (size 1.7GB), which would have taken less than 30 minutes on normal days.

In mobile games I am playing "8 Ball Pool",  "Toy Blast" and added PUBG yesterday to my list. Apart from this I am using TikTok app to watch short funny videos made by millions of people worldwide. 

The online delivery services like Big Basket, Amazon, Grofers and others are struggling to fulfil the demand as the number of orders multiplied but the delivery personnels reduced due to COVID19 fear. I got a delivery slot today on Big Basket after trying since 4-5 days.

This is the summer season here and the heat is increasing everyday. This lockdown, due to Covid19, is the first time that we have started using our ACs without a proper cleaning service. I did myself what I could, but this is nowhere equivalent to full wet service. But we do not have any other option. Yesterday was the first day that we started our ACs.

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