Today is Day 43 of the lockdown going on in India due to Corona Virus. Since last 2 days, i.e. from 4 May 2020, government has lifted few restrictions based on the zone of the location. Different cities and towns have been marked with Red, Orange and Green zones based on the history of cases in that location. And based on the zone category, Government has allowed few activities to start based on conditions of social distancing and requirements of the people.

Ghaziabad is in Orange zone and Noida is in Red zone. Offices are allowed to work with 33% capacity and that also with proper passes and permission from the local administration. I have decided to keep working from home for now.

At present the countrywide lock down is scheduled till 17 May, but in Ghaziabad the DM has already extended it till 31 May 2020. So looks like we will not be able to open office in this month.

Shops are allowed to open, but no one is opening as of now. I think they are waiting for more clarity. 

The work from home frustration is growing day by day. The work productivity is going down. Income is going down. Working hours has been replaced by lazy afternoons. I had to fight sleep to keep working, and sometimes sleeping is better option.  

To keep body active I am walking everyday on our terrace for 20-30 minutes. That may not be enough for daily work routine, but there is no other option and not much time for it.

As of today in India the number of cases gone up to 49000+ and total deaths are 1700+.

Looking at the current situation, it is uncertain how long it will continue. Either we have to keep working from home for few more months or have to take risk and go out. The world is changed now.