We need to keep the mailing address updated in the LIC policies so that there is no issue at the time of maturity. With time we buy policies from different Agents and after some time they no longer remain in contact. So how to do the address change while sitting at home. We can always change the LIC policy address by visiting the branch which issued the policy. But this is not possible every time, as we keep moving from one city to another. 

There are two options - by sending postal mail with copy of all documents and details, and wait for it to reach them and then get it processed. But sometimes it works - sometimes not. Another one is to use a computer with internet for this.

Create a customer account by visiting this page here - https://ebiz.licindia.in/D2CPM/#Register

It will ask for basic information about you. After creating the account you can add your policies in your account.

  1. Click on the Individual Policy details. 
  2. Select Self Policies
  3. Click on the "+ Add Policy" link in the right side. 

Once added, now how to request address change:

  1. Click on the My Apps on top.
  2. In the right half of the screen there will be a yellow box "Service Request(s)". Click on it.
  3. Select "Address Change" in the "Select Service Request" drop down.
  4. it will ask you to agree with few terms and conditions. Just accept and click on Proceed.
  5. Now select the policy for which you want to request change of address. You cn select multiple policies also if all of them need address updated.
  6. Now it will send a message to your phone for mobile number verification. Enter the OTP received and click proceed.
  7. Here most of the details will be prefilled. You can edit and update the details in address inputs as needed.
  8. Then it will ask to upload a document - you can use Voter ID Card, Driving license etc. Here the catch is that it accepts only image files - jpg, png, tiff etc and that also less than 100KB in size. So you may need to spend some time to match this criteria.
  9.  Once the image is uploaded and accepted. Submit the form.
  10. You are done. You should receive an email notification for your request.

It would take 3-4 working days to update the address. 

When it is updated in your records then you will receive an email notification about the same and an SMS alert also.

That is it. Your LIC policy address is updated. 

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