Today is the 64th day of the long lockdown which started on the 25 March 2020. It is more than 2 months now. Current lockdown known as "lockdown 4" will be ending on 31 May. But they are already discussing about the next lockdown phase. Most of the things are open now and rest are opening slowly. Most decisions are authorized to DM of the respective cities so there is some differences in what is allows in one city and what is allowed in another city. The market is allowed to open in alternate days in Indirapuram and Vaishali. 

The offices are allowed to open in lockdown 4 which started on 18 May. But most of the offices are still closed. As number of cases are increasing day by day, employees are not ready to join office. For my office also, I am coming to office since 20 May, and sitting alone whole day to finish all pending work. To save money I have to put two employees on leave without pay and terminated services of one employee, due to her bad performance during the work from home tenure.

This is a tough situation. If lockdown 5 does not allow to open office OR if people does not come to office for work then there will be no other option except putting everyone on leave without pay. I am also thinking to closing down the office for now completely. And start afresh with new people when everything becomes normal, if ever it happens.

The BSI building floor of my office is completely deserted. Except me there is no other person in any office. There are few offices open in Ground floor and second floor, but none on First floor. 

I will not be able to pay my EMIs, or pay my credit card bills next month onward if the situation remains same. 

I am using my Okinawa electric scooter to travel to and from office. It has completed 11 months with me and reading is 3000+ Km. This is my passion to try and use new technology and be as environment friendly as possible. I am also trying to reduce my carbon footprint, as much as possible. I believe even a small bit will make difference if done for long and in large numbers.

I have already decided that my next car will be an electric car. The technology is improving day by day, so in next 3-4 years I can assume to have a affordable and good performance car available in market.

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