Since start of this Corona pandemic 9 months back in Feb 2020. Today for the first time we went out to eat our favorite Chat from "Yadav Chat Bhandaar". It felt great after waiting so long.

Its not that Corona went away, actually still there are more than  50K new cases everyday in India. But now people are not that much worried, as the recovery rate is also very high almost upto 98%. Therefore for many people life is back to normal. They do not care about Corona anymore. 

Very few people like us are still being careful to prevent the infection and using masks and keeping social distancing. All market is open as normal. Only restrictions are on Cinema halls and large gathering. Many IT offices are calling people to work from office. But still many of them allowing employees to Work from home. In my office total 4 people 1 is working from home and 3 are coming to office.

Cinema halls have started opening last week with 50% max occupancy.  They are showing old films as of now as new films are not scheduled for theatrical releases. We hope that in next 2-3 weeks the new releases will be scheduled in cinema and we will be able to enjoy the old cinema experience once more.

The schools and colleges are also allowed to open this month of November 2020, for classes 9-12. But most of the parents are not willing to send thier kids to school fearing Corona infection. The online classes will continue along with the physical classes. The physical classes are divided in two shifts to reduce the amount of kids in one class and maintain social distancing guidelines.

The festivals are also going without any excitement due to Corona. This year there was no RamLeela in Navratra & Dussehra. There was no Ravan burning. It was just another normal day for us. In Diwali also only 7 days have left, but there is no excitement and energy. Markets are deserted, there are people but they are not same as previous years. 

This pandemic has promoted the mobile based payments and almost everyone now accepts Paytm, Phonepe or other payment methods using UPI. This helps in reducing the cash transactions and prevents buildup of black money.

UPI in itself is very innovative idea by Modi government. They have created this as payment processing behemoth with more than 2 billion transactions in last month alone. I will write about it in detailss in another post.

This is all for now. Keep reading my posts and follow me for updates.