Every morning when I drive to school to drop my son, I feel really sorry for the parents who do not follow traffic rules in front of the school get. They are there to drop their kids, who will learn from their behavior but even then they make every possible traffic rule violation. When it is time to teach the next generation the value of rules and benefits of following rules, they are teaching them just the opposite.

Here are some of the observations:

No one wants to take the U turn few hundred meters ahead, almost everyone tries to turn back on one way and take the shortest path possible. Even if this means fear of accident or damage to them or others. No matter if they are using a Car or Bike.

They have to stop exactly at the front of School gate, even if this means blocking the whole traffic on the road and stopping vehicle at the middle of the road. No one has the patience to park the car at some distance if there is no space and then drop the kids, by walking few meters.

Most the parents provide two wheeler to their teenager kids, who do not have a driving license and it is illegal by local laws to allow them driving on road. Everyone knows this but, who cares. Unless there is some Policeman forcing them to stop, why should not they do this. This is their birth right to drive, even if this means fear of hurting others.

I just want to request each and every parent to, teach their kids the correct and right way of doing everything. This will make their and our future peaceful and the society will be good for everyone. We need to teach our next generation the meaning of following rules and the benefits it gives in return.