This is the last part of my Jaipur visit blogs. You can read the first three parts by visiting the below links one by one.

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So on last day of our trip we check-out from our hotel at around 11:00AM. I did not forgot to bought some extra sweets from "Jain Peda wala", as it will not be available later in Delhi/NCR. I forgot to tell you about this shop.

I found the sweet shop "Jain Peda Wala" in our daily route to Hotel. As I love sweets I stopped there on second day of our visit and bought Peda and Barfi from here. Having tasted sweets from variety of places, I must say that it was the best Peda and Barfi I ate. The Khoya/Mawa used was pure and fresh. I did not found this pure khoya anywhere in Delhi/NCR even after paying double of the price. They do not make any other sweet variety except these two.

Back on road, I started the Google Maps and Jio Music to accompany us till we reach our home. After around 7-8 Kilometers of driving we reached the highway. And the car took speed.

The roads are good as expected, but there are lot of potholes and bumps on the road. Specially on right side of the road there are many bumps at regular intervals. Looked like they are made due to repairing the road after some work. Whenever I tried overtaking from right side, I almost every time got hit by a bump. The wheel sounded huge "thud" and I can't think, what to do.

After 3 such incidents I started avoiding overtaking from right. I know it is against rule, but there is no other option. In the left and middle also, the road was bad at many places and I had to slow down to a halt to avoid the jump or bump. I learned it the hard way :).

On the way we stopped at Highway King Dhaba. There was large crowd, and enough parking space for everyone. The seating hall is also big enough to accommodate hundreds of people. The service was fast and food quality very good. After having few items for lunch we started again.

Next en-route stop was Mannat Dhaba. It is built on same pattern as Highway King. But here the service was very slow. I found a few people arguing with attendants for the delay in serving food after order. For us also it took some time, thankfully we only ordered tea.

Once we left Mannat Dhaba, our next and final stop of journey, was our home. Yes we were back from 4 days of a memorable trip in our own car.

So that's it for now. I will write a new blog for our next trip if/whenever it happens.

My wife is posting some Vlog videos on her youtube channel. You can watch it to see the above details yourself.

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